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Organic Jojoba Oil 50ml - 100% Pure, Natural and Cold Pressed - Face, Body, Hair, Beard, Nails

Organic Jojoba Oil 50ml - 100% Pure, Natural and Cold Pressed - Face, Body, Hair, Beard, Nails

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  • āœ… NOURISHES, SOOTHES & PROTECTS | Jojoba oil intensely nourishes all skin and hair types.
  • šŸ™Œ LIGHT TEXTURE & FAST ABSORPTION | Very fluid, it penetrates in a few seconds and leaves a soft touch, without being greasy.
  • šŸ›€ MULTI-PURPOSE, ECONOMICAL & EFFECTIVE | Oily scalp regulating mask, hair oil, make-up remover, nourishing care for acne-prone skin, cuticle oil, beard oil, nourishing and healing care after shaving and hair removal, anti-stretch marks
  • šŸŒæ ULTRA FRESH AND ACTIVE LIVE PRODUCT | Our jojoba oil is cold-pressed in Panama or Argentina, depending on the harvest. 100% pure, it is free of hexane and added preservatives. Bottled in France

Organic Jojoba Oil

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Anti-acne, Softening Stimulates Growth, Strengthens Anti-ageing, Regenerating Firming, Toning Anti-ageing, Radiance Booster Moisturising, Healing Toning, Moisturising
Extraction Method
Cold Pressed Cold Pressed Cold Pressed Oily Macerate Cold Pressed Cold Pressed Pulp Steam Distillation
Vegan & Cruelty Free
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Available Formats
50ml, 100ml, 200ml 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml 50ml, 100ml 50ml, 100ml, 200ml 15ml, 30ml 100ml, 200ml 100ml, 200ml
Regulates Sebum Production Intensely Nourishes Reduces Lines and Wrinkles ā€” Smoothes Lines, Concealer Intense Moisturising, Smoothes Tones, Fades Puffiness
Ultra-penetrating Dry Oil Soothes Itching Cellulite and Irritation Shapes and Firms the Body Anti-Brown Spot Relieves Sunburn Refreshes and Soothes
Hair & Scalp
Brings Shine Stimulates Growth, Densifies Hair Repaired and Sheathed Shiny and Healthy Hair Soft and Shiny Hair Healthy Scalp Soothes Irritated Scalp
Eyelashes & Eyebrows
Gently Removes Make-up XXL Lash Volume Gently Removes Make-up Stylises Eyebrows ā€” Moisturises, Styles Brows Gently Removes Make-up
Soft and Silky Beard Stimulates Growth, Nourishes Soothes the Skin under Beard Deeply Nourishes the Hair Nourishes and Brings Shine Moisturises Skin and Hair Soothes Itching
Hands & Nails
Cuticle Care Stimulates Growth, Strengthens Anti-Brown Spot Strengthens Nails Anti-Brown Spot Moisturises and Soothes ā€”
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