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Ultra Goodnight Sanitary Towels with Wings, 32 (8 x4 Packs) Period Pads

Ultra Goodnight Sanitary Towels with Wings, 32 (8 x4 Packs) Period Pads

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Bodyform is a well-known brand that offers a range of menstrual hygiene products, including sanitary towels and panty liners, to meet the needs of women during their menstrual cycles.Bodyfoam sanitary towels are typically longer and more absorbent than regular daytime pads, making them suitable for extended wear to provide protection and comfort throughout the night.These Sanitary Towels are specially designed to provide maximum protection and comfort during overnight use throughout your menstrual cycle. These high-quality sanitary towels are crafted with the needs of women.Each sanitary towel comes individually wrapped, making them convenient to carry discreetly in your bag or purse.The wings on these sanitary towels provide extra security by attaching to your underwear, preventing side leaks and ensuring the pad stays securely in place.Bodyform Ultra Goodnight Sanitary Towels are a reliable choice for women seeking dependable overnight protection during their menstrual period. They are designed to make your night's rest worry-free, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and confident. With their focus on comfort, absorbency, and discretion, these sanitary towels are an essential addition to your feminine hygiene routine.

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