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Eunicell - 23A 12v lithium Coin Battery/Button Battery - Suitable for use in LED lights

Eunicell - 23A 12v lithium Coin Battery/Button Battery - Suitable for use in LED lights

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Power up your devices with our Premium Circle battery for scales. Engineered to deliver long-lasting performance and reliability, these batteries are the perfect choice for various applications. Whether you need batteries for your watches, calculators, key fobs, or other small electronic devices, our lithium coin batteries have you covered.




  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Expiry Date: December, 2027
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices and electronics


Equip your devices with the power they deserve. Choose our Premium 12-volt lithium battery for dependable performance that lasts.

Order now and experience reliable, long-lasting power for all your electronic essentials.


  • ✅Convenient Packaging: Our lithium button cell battery is available in different packages 5,10,20. these batteries are easy to store and use whenever you need them.
  • ✅Versatile Compatibility: Eunicell lithium batteries are suitable for watches, calculators, small appliances, remote controls, camcorders, electronic games, LED lights, digital voice recorders, toys, blood glucose, and cholesterol testing meters, ensuring reliable power for a wide range of devices.
  • ✅Reliable Performance and Protection: Our 23A 12v battery for car keys provides a leak-proof design for peace of mind while delivering a consistent, reliable power supply with long-lasting power to keep your devices running smoothly.
  • ✅High-Performance, Eco-Friendly Choice: Our lithium coin battery combines long working times, exceptional performance, and high energy density. Crafted from quality materials, it's multi-applicable and boasts excellent storage and safety performance.
  • ✅Customer Satisfaction: We believe in the quality and performance of Eunicell-branded 12v batteries as it’s consistently achieve the highest customer ratings by providing peace of mind and assurance that you choose a reliable power source for your device.
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