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Free Soul Vegan Protein Powder, Pea and Hemp Isolate Protein (Vanilla)

Free Soul Vegan Protein Powder, Pea and Hemp Isolate Protein (Vanilla)

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Vegan Protein Powder for women chocolate vanilla

Vegan Protein Powder for Women

Vegan Protein for Women

Plant Based Chocolate and Protein Shaker Bottle

Chocolate and Vanilla Vegan Protein and Steel Shaker Bottle

Protein with superfoods and vitamins

Optimum Protein Ratio

Our multisource vegan protein blend provides 20g of Plant Based Protein per 30g serving.

Added Superfood benefits

Reinforced with a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods in the perfect proportions to support female wellness, including hormonal balance, bone density, and hair, skin & nails. Includes B Vitamins, Maca, Ginseng, Guarana, Magnesium, Calcium, L-Carnitine, and Iron.

Ultra Clean Formulation

All of the Free Soul Vegan Protein Shakes are free from gluten, soy, lactose, GMO ingredients, colours, added sugar, and preservatives – all natural shakes with natural whole food sources. This clean formulation supports effective digestion – no bloating.

Delicious Natural Flavours

Say goodbye to gritty, overly sweet, and ultra-thick shakes. Free Soul vegan protein powders are a joy to consume – they are smooth, naturally sweetened, and taste delicious. Available in vanilla, chocolate, or berry – with no sugar added to any Original Blends.

Why Choose Free Soul?

Vegan Protein Powder

The Free Soul Range

Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend

Vegan Protein Powder for Women

greens powder athletic natural superfoods juice green ashwagandha maca wheatgrass

Protein Shaker Bottle Steel Metal Pink Water Bottle Flask

Uniquely Formulated for Women

We have worked with leading nutritionists in the UK to formulate products that are unique and effective, and are specifically targeted towards women.

The Original Protein Blend

Our Original, unchanged formulation with the optimum protein/serving ratio – 20g lean protein per 30g serving. A complete, plant-based protein blend formulated for women. Mix of premium quality pea protein isolate and white hemp protein, blended with key nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support hormone balance, mood and energy.


The easiest way to get your greens in. 21 ingredients to support your immunity, energy, and gut health. Works in perfect harmony with Free Soul Protein Blends.

The Free Soul Shaker

This sleek shaker not only stands out but being made of steel makes it hard wearing, non-toxic so it won't leach chemicals like plastic, nonreactive to give you a clean taste without smell or flavour and has antibacterial properties. Leak proof silicon sealed lid. Built-in grill for the ultimate smooth shake. 700ml Capacity

The Key Ingredients Added to the Free Soul Protein Blend:

Peruvian Maca

Traditionally used to help regulate female hormonal balance and improve mood. Maca is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Studies have shown that this adaptogen improves energy and focus.

Siberian Ginseng & Guarana

These contribute to physical and mental well-being, acting as a natural, mild stimulant to support energy levels.


This naturally occurring amino acid compound plays a crucial role in the production of energy and supports metabolism.


Important for bone health, magnesium also helps to reduce tiredness and improve mood and psychological function.


Important for the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin and transporting oxygen around the body. Women are at greater risk of being deficient of iron. Low iron levels can cause lack of energy, fatigue, affect concentration and the quality of hair, skin and nails.


Needed for the maintenance of normal bones.

The B Vitamin Complex (Including Biotin, Folic Acid, B6, and B12)

Contributes to normal hair, skin, and nails and the regulation of hormonal activity. Also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


An incredible natural source of alpha-linolenic acid, rich in Omega-3

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Original Vegan Protein Blend Vegan Protein Bars FS-Greens Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Steel Protein Shaker
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High Protein Content
Added Superfoods & Nutrients
Incredible Flavour
Soy Free
Nutritionist Formulated

Free Soul focuses on the unique nutritional needs of women. Backed by nutritionists and the national press, to enhance the health and wellbeing of women, Free Soul is an honest, straight talking brand that supports, empowers and celebrates women.

Our products have been developed and manufactured in the UK by leading nutritionists and independently tested to ensure you get only the highest quality, premium nutrients you need and no nasties you don’t.

Free Soul Vegan Protein Powders contain 20g of vegan protein per 30g serving.

Our Vegan Protein Powder is free of gluten, soy, artificial colours, added sugar, and is easy to digest, perfect for mixing, and delicious in baking.

The range has been developed by a leading UK clinical nutritionist to ensure an effective natural blend, and micronutritents, vitamins, adaptogens and minerals, such as Maca, Ginseng, Guarana, B Vitamins, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, L Carnitine, and Flaxseed Powder have been added in to the vegan protein powder to improve hormonal balance, hair, skin, nails, collagen production, energy, bone health, and to support a healthy and optimum metabolism.

Mix it in with your favourite smoothies, or have it with just water, or even bake with it! Free Soul Protein is delicious in every format.

Join the thousands of others in the Free Soul Sistahood!

As seen in and recommended by Women's Health, The Sunday Times, Tatler, The Guardian, Forbes, and The Evening Standard.

  • ✔️ INCREDIBLE TASTE & TEXTURE: Only the highest quality of ingredients to ensure an incredible taste profile and ultimate smooth texture for easy, bloating free digestion. Mix with water or nut milk for a creamy and lean plant based protein shake. No chalky or gritty texture. Also suitable for baking, protein pancakes, and smoothies.
  • ✔️ SUPERIOR NUTRITIONAL PROFILE: 20g of protein per 30g serving and all flavours are gluten free, soya free, added sugar free, dairy free, and non GMO. Our Pea Protein has been infused with White Hemp Protein for an effective amino acid profile for the highest quality of plant-based protein possible.
  • ✔️ NUTRITIONIST FORMULATED FOR WOMEN: Blended with Peruvian Maca to promote hormone balance; the entire B Vitamin Complex for hair, skin, and nails; high levels of Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, and L-Carnitine for energy and bone density, and Flaxseed for Omega-3.
  • ✔️ OPTIMUM WELLBEING: 20g of Plant Protein per serving with an incredible macronutrient profile. Suitable for daily optimal wellbeing, even if not exercising – makes for a delicious breakfast or snack and curbs the dreaded sweet tooth!
  • ✔️ UK PRODUCED AND INDEPENDENTLY TESTED: Our products have been developed and manufactured in the UK by leading nutritionists and independently tested to ensure you get only the highest quality, premium nutrients you need and no nasties you don't, all with a delicious taste.
Brand Free Soul
Flavour Vanilla
Item weight 600 Grams
Diet type Vegan
Unit count 600.0 gram
Number of items 1
Package type Pouch
Age range (description) Adult
Allergen information Contains: Gluten Free
Item dimensions L x W x H 7 x 11 x 27 centimetres
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