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Peachy Heatless Curlers - Viral Tiktok Heatless Curlers Headband

Peachy Heatless Curlers - Viral Tiktok Heatless Curlers Headband

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Our Viral Heatless Curler Is Finally Back In Stock! But Even Better! We’ve Made Two New Design Improvements To Our Sensational Curler:
1. The integrated wire now runs ONLY through the ends - so your head rests only on the soft cushy padding. 2. We’ve also added an extra layer of plush padding for an even softer more comfortable sleep.


♥ Integrated Grip Comb
We are the only curling headband with an integrated grip comb, that holds the curler in place while you wear it.

♥ Integrated Wire - So you can curl on the go
Wrap your hair, then twist it up neatly up at the back, and get on with your day.

♥ Soft to Sleep In
Our fluffy inner fabric has a high pile for extra cushioning and lies flat giving you a soft comfortable night's sleep.

We’ve chosen only the most luxurious, sustainable and ethical fabrics out there:
♥ 100% Eucalyptus
Our outer fabric is made from 100% certified Eucalyptus Silk, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Eucalyptus is both biodegradable and recyclable. In our opinion, it’s the most sustainable fabric out there! Its also breathable & quick-drying giving your curls that all day bounce!

♥ Closed-Loop
Eucalyptus fibers are spun in a zero-waste, closed-loop process where 99% of water and solvents are recycled and then used again. The chemicals used to transform the eucalyptus into fibers are non-toxic.

♥ Silk & Cruelty Free
Did you know 6,600 silkworms are boiled alive to make just 1 kg of silk? The silk trade is also notorious for child + bonded labor, water pollution, and large CO2 emissions. That’s why our products never use animal silk!

♥ Recycled Fabrics
Our plush inner fabric is made from recycled micro-fleece - because we think old plastic bottles look better on you than they do in the ocean! Our fabric is certified by the GRS (Global Recycling Standard)


Colour Minx
Age range (description) Adult
Material Silk
Fabric Type Silk
Number of items 3
Brand Peachy
Size 3 Piece Set
Unit count 1.00 count
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