MAX BULLS POWER Paste x 120 Grams

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Max Bulls Chocolate for a Better Experience:

  • Enhances sexual excitement and provides stronger orgasms.
  • Boosts confidence in bed and restores male erection strength.
  • Improves blood circulation, immunity, and overall body power.
  • Helps with delayed ejaculation and heightens sexual pleasure.

Honey Palace Chocolate Strong Delayed Ejaculation:

  • Supports extended confidence periods and proper blood flow.
  • Treats coldness, enhances immunity, and boosts body power.
  • Addresses sleep problems and aids weight management.

Product Description:

  • Honey Palace offers organic chocolate with numerous benefits.
  • Contains natural minerals, aids weight loss, and provides ample energy.

Expected Effects:

  • Increases libido, sexual desire, and satisfaction.
  • Quick effect within 45 minutes for heightened pleasure.
  • Improves sexual excitement, comfort, and intimacy.

Usage Instructions:

  • Consume one or two sachets on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes pre-intercourse.
  • Effects last up to 48 hours, avoid excessive fluid intake post-consumption.


  • Flower Honey, Epimedium, Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and various natural components.


  • Not suitable for those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or diabetes.
  • Each sachet weighs 12 grams.

Packaging & Returns:

  • Hassle-free 30-day return policy for damaged or unwanted items.
  • Contact within 30 days for free returns.


  • No reported side effects; recommended for energy boost, confidence, and improved sexual experiences.

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